Welcome to Ultimate Healing

Welcome to your healing.


Reclaim your power by reconnecting and giving yourself permission to follow your own inner guidance.

Let go of the guilt, blame, shame.

Learn to love yourself, connect with yourself, your inner being and those around you and become whole again and ultimately heal.

Discover the “Brilliance of You” , tap into your own innate abundance and become empowered so you can live the life you came here to live.

Do you feel like you have you reached breaking point or maybe something is just a little off? Would you love to find true healing?

Would you like to learn to love and value yourself?

Once you appreciate and believe in yourself you can love yourself more and from there love everyone around you unconditionally.

Everything you need to heal is within you now! Let me be the channel to connect you to your source. This will allow you to access all your love so you can find your true self,  your gifts and ultimately heal.

Everything begins with energy. Your body is a flow of energy and vibrations which can sometimes become blocked from events in your life. Your body can guide me to reconnect any channels of energy that are stagnant or blocked and supply the appropriate remedy.

Pain of any sort is merely your indication that something needs to change. Together we can find what or where that is and put you on the path to heal.

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs and often past experiences which imbed those often limiting beliefs. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Reclaim your power by reconnecting and giving yourself permission to follow your own inner guidance. Let go of the guilt, blame, shame and become whole again and ultimately heal.

I am an alternative therapist utilising my own unique style and gifts. I  incorporate kinesiology, intuition, Forensic Healing, Golden Wings Healing, Reiki, Theta Healing and other energetic modalities to help bring you back to balance. This enables you to live the life of love, joy, peace and abundance that you deserve.

I am passionate about helping people who have undergone self abuse or abuse from others, anxiety, depression and addictions. These are things I myself have struggled with throughout my life. I am particularly gifted with distance healings for those who can’t be present.

Using gentle energy shifts I am able to assess areas in your body that might be out of balance or blocked causing illness or upset. From here we can work with your physical and energy bodies so they can in-act their own amazing healing capabilities.

Just as Einstein discovered, we are all energy in motion, we are all made up of a mass of vibrating atoms moving at the speed of light and emitting frequencies ie E=MC2.

To ultimately heal we need to raise those vibrations and frequencies and bring more love in.

This can be achieved by asking your body what it would like to heal at this point in time. Or we can ask what your body would like to achieve a goal which may be soul related, spiritual, emotional, energetic or physical.

Some of the various techniques utilised include:

All techniques are dependant on what your body and its surrounding energy field indicates it needs.

Would you like a healing where you don’t even have to leave your house and that you can access from anywhere in the world? Read my blog about distance healing here  

Contact me today at info@ultimatehealing.net.au to access products or arrange a healing.

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