​​​​🕸️🕷️What sort of web are you building?🕷️🕸️

🕸️🕷️What sort of web are you building?🕷️🕸️

By Tracey Terry

January 20, 2023

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💧 It has been raining & there is a beautiful spiders web outside our kitchen window catching the morning sun. This web has reminded me how similar we are to spiders in that we build a web with our thoughts & beliefs that then (usually unconsciously) attracts/catches what we have been thinking/believing. Our web sits in our energy field saying bring me what I am thinking about (be it good or bad). 😱

🌟 So have you really considered your thoughts & beliefs & whether they serve you or not? I know in my case a lot of my thoughts & beliefs have bought me a world of trouble eg I am not good enough, I am a failure, no-one loves me, I will never be able to do that, I don’t know enough … I could go on forever. These have all come from past experiences or things we learn, hear, see or are “told” by friends, family, teachers & they just hang in our energy field, often pretty much like a bad smell. Be they true or not, known or unknown. They can also come from family beliefs passed down & taken for granted & often from expressions we have grown up with eg life isn’t meant to be easy, money doesn’t grow on trees etc etc. 🤣

🌟 Did you know that what we think about we bring about – be it consciously or unconsciously – this has certainly been true for me as well as many of my clients. 🙌

🌟 My lack of self belief has really brought me a cropper in my close relationships, especially the one with myself. Not to get me wrong I do have some great thoughts/beliefs that serve me well eg I am great at making money, I am a good cook, I have a gorgeous garden and home – & I am good at these things & do have those things but when it comes to the things that really matter – love & relationships –  I have sucked a fair bit & I know a lot of it has do with my thinking & beliefs about myself. The people in my life often reflection to me where I need to grow & what I need to learn or transform to be a better person in their lives as well as my own. 🙏

🌟 Thankfully the tools I have learnt have enabled me to catch myself & transform a lot of my outdated & useless thinking. Using intuition, energy work, kinesiology, reflecting on myself & my behaviour/reactions, analysing how & what I think has made such a difference in my life. I am still a long way from perfect however every day my life is getting better & better (another thing that is great to say to ourselves). 🙏

🌟 Thankfully I am better at helping others than myself. My healing sessions are great ways to look at our unconscious thoughts & transform what you are building your web from. I can ask your body, your energy field, your soul, spirit what it is that might be blocking you or what it is that you might need to look at & it is often something that surprises you and will help you change your life for the better. Well depending on your intentions – what it is you want to achieve for your life! 🙌

🌟 Hopefully this is helpful and will get you thinking if you haven’t considered this aspect before. 🙏💗

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Tracey Terry

About the author

Tracey is a progressive therapist, author, investor, business owner, wife and mother of 3. Having gone through her own journey of healing she is passionate about connecting and helping others to do the same using a range of modalities and tools to tune in on what it is your soul and your body require.