​​​​🧐 What is involved in a Distance Healing?? 🧐🤔

🧐 What is involved in a Distance Healing?? 🧐🤔

By Tracey Terry

November 23, 2022

#distance healing

So previously I have shared a blog explaining how distance healing is possible 💥. If you click on the link for distance healing in my shop it also describes how I believe distance healing works.

If you are interested in receiving a distance healing I find these are just as accurate – well actually more accurate than a physical one on one as there is not as much interference from the mind. 🧠

Once you have requested and paid for the healing I require a recent headshot of yourself. 🎇 I will also send you a questionnaire to complete and return to me. The most important aspect for me is to know what your intention for the healing is? 🙌 The energy will flow where our attention and intention go. Our intentions and our love seem to produce a level of potent energy that can actually change physical reality. 🌅

We will then organise a mutually agreeable hour where you can relax and lie back and receive the healing. You may or may not feel anything, the most important aspect is for you just to relax and get out of your head. 🤯

I recommend that you are lying or seated somewhere comfortable where you won’t be disturbed, have had plenty of water 💦 and perhaps can put on some relaxing music 🎶. If you do happen to be disturbed do not fret as you can still receive what is happening no matter what is going on – I think physically the relaxation helps your mind to better understand. If you are happy to keep working and keep your mind off what is happening that is fine too! 🌈

So while you are relaxing I will conduct the healing from my clinic focusing on sending you love & asking for transformation around your intention while basically communicating with your higher self. 😇

I have a range of modalities and treatments that I will intuitively be drawn to in regards to your original intention. Your intention can be any goal you have for your body or your life, it may be emotional, physical, nutritional, spiritual, soul related, financial etc. This intuition is generally a knowing or feeling or I will be guided to something in particular – often amazing myself. 😮 I guess it is not so much “my“ intuition as I am merely a conduit hearing what your spirit is wanting you to know or receive. 🙏 Healing is always a result of the person receiving the healing. 💃

After I have completed the healing I will send you an email with what I discovered and what corrections or remedies, affirmations, colours, sounds you may require, they can be physical, emotional, nutritional, energetical, written exercises etc. 🤓 If you have any questions we can then have a quick talk via zoom at an organised time. (Please note there is an additional charge plus postal costs for remedies I supply, I will merely suggest them and it is up to you.)

If you don’t feel happy with the results then I offer a full money back guarantee. 💰 I would however give yourself at least a few days to see how things go.

I also would like to emphasize that healing is very much about self responsibility so I recommend that you undertake whatever I suggest to the best of your ability. Unlike modern medicine we are not aiming for a quick fix that temporarily solves the symptoms without getting to the cause – we want to witness & transform what was instrumental in causing the imbalance and transform it with love so that your mind, body, soul & spirit can come back into balance. ⚖️  

As I have mentioned previously distance healing is about the power of intention, the belief of the healer, and the receptivity of the receiver. #distancehealing #remotehealing #quantumhealing 

Depending on the complexity of the issue/s we may require more sessions however I will leave that decision in your hands. 🫶

Thanks for your time and I hope to work with you soon to achieve alchemy (transformation) in your life! 💕🙏

PS Below is a picture of my assistant. 🐾

Cosmo the wonder dog of healing

Tracey Terry

About the author

Tracey is a progressive therapist, author, investor, business owner, wife and mother of 3. Having gone through her own journey of healing she is passionate about connecting and helping others to do the same using a range of modalities and tools to tune in on what it is your soul and your body require.