“Tracey is a unique healer who uses her own special skills and experience for the benefit of everyone she meets.” Elizabeth Hughes Your Body Has the Answer

“Tracey is a fantastic healer, she channels energy with such ease and every treatment I’ve had with her has been incredibly enlightening.” Cate Marshall Vital Force

“Tracey is AMAZING! This beautiful lady can not come recommended highly enough. Her insight is truly incredible, her gentleness and kindness makes you so comfortable and relaxed during her sessions. The treatment room and the outlook from the treatment room is just so lovely and tranquil. Tracey truly has the wonderful gift of healing.”   Mrs SE

“I felt very relaxed after my session. You gave me a sense of hope and I am so grateful. I feel so at peace now, no negative energy. I learnt and realised a lot of things, I feel as though I can stop being so hard on myself now. I cannot thank you enough Tracey.” Miss EB

“I’ve really felt a shift in my vibration and this had clear effects in attracting positive situations into my life. The exercise you gave me to complete was so powerful in tandem with the session. So much came out, it really had an impact in releasing the blocks to my affirmations. People have appeared in my life who I think will help me progress. Even last week with my ex husband, I felt peaceful and ok with him around. I’m feeling less restricted and feel I am moving forward now with more ease and flow.” KB

“I feel lighter, have had a shift in energy/vital force. I now have clarity – a sense of peace, knowing what my life purpose is and how I can make it happen. I liked how you explained what was emerging and how it would be cleared and giving me the opportunity to be involved in the process. You were empathetic and made me feel at ease each step of the way”. KG

Tracey is an extremely humble but powerful woman.

I have had multiple healings with Tracey that have honestly accelerated the healing of my inner world and outer world.

The shifts I have had personally have been instant and ongoing and I’m so grateful Tracey and I crossed paths she has given the amazing gift of emotional freedom” Katie Ann Maroochydore