By Tracey Terry

August 23, 2019

Someone asked me a fabulous question not long ago BEING "What was the first step I took in being able to overcome my lifelong (diagnosed severe and incurable) depression"?" πŸ§ I was so grateful for the question as it really got me thinking.

My answer was that it was my choice that I wasn't going to live that way anymore for myself or my family. πŸ’— I then asked for help and everything I needed was somehow provided and I followed.πŸ’œπŸ’—

This is a great talk by Caroline Myss. πŸ™ My favourite takeaways from this video are - 

πŸ’œ Choice is the most powerful thing we have

πŸ’— Live with integrity

πŸ’œ Choose to pass on your wisdom - not your suffering

πŸ’— Everyone goes through some form of grief, injuries, pain or suffering - nothing can make it go away or cause us to forget so instead say to yourself "This will never defeat me. I will not live in this. I have to somehow turn this into my source of wisdom as I will not live in woe" - that is your choice.

πŸ’œ Choose to take risks

πŸ’— Don't live a life of regret (how many of your greatest fears have actually happened)

πŸ’œ Choose new words - the power of your vocabulary is incredible so choose wisely - drop ANY toxic/hostile vocabulary towards yourself and others

πŸ’— Extricate the lethally toxic words "entitled, blame, deserve" from your life entirely - these take you out of the present. Stop looking at the world through your eyes.

πŸ’œ Choose to get up every day and bless your day and yourself. Say to yourself I have no idea what is going to be in my day but it is blessed because I am alive. Base your gratitude on you being (not what you have or how you feel). Hold in your heart this prayer "This day of my life will never come again. I will never see the people (animals) I am looking at again. I will never see this sunrise again and I will never see that sunset. I will never see the person having breakfast with me again JUST THIS WAY. NOTHING IN MY LIFE LIKE THIS DAY WILL EVER COME AGAIN." From this you will only see the present with great gratitude and love. πŸ™πŸ’œπŸ’—

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Tracey Terry

About the author

Tracey is a progressive therapist, author, investor, business owner, wife and mother of 3. Having gone through her own journey of healing she is passionate about connecting and helping others to do the same using a range of modalities and tools to tune in on what it is your soul and your body require.